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Pegasus Business Sales is an independent business brokerage that is dedicated to making the tricky task of buying a business or selling a business as easy as it possibly can be.

Our expertise has been honed over many years of buying and selling businesses in a wide variety of sectors. For both buyers and sellers of businesses, our extensive experience is there to support our clients in valuing businesses and getting the best possible deal.

Pegasus Business Sales can help you understand the full value of what you are buying, or selling, provide the technical and commercial support and expertise that will make the transfer of ownership a true win/win result. Selling or buying a business may be the single most important decision made in your business career - a genuinely life changing event.

Pegasus Business Sales is here to help you make the right decision, to get the best result that sets a positive course for the future. .

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  • A professional service from start to finish
  • Market driven advertising
  • Every applicant vetted for experience, suitability and financial ability BEFORE arranging viewings
  • Deals we put together do not abort.
  • You will not incur any legal or any other fees if the deal is aborted and it is not your's or your solicitor's fault.Read more

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Once you have decided on the kind of business you want to buy - whether it's a restaurant, a pub, a hotel or even a tropical island (yes, they do come up for sale), you will need to address the all important issue of financing your purchase.

Few people have the means to buy a business with cash without the need to borrow. This is the same for all buyers - whether they are acquiring a small business in Surrey or a multi-million pound business in London.

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