Once you have decided on the kind of business you want to buy - whether it's a restaurant, a pub, a hotel or even a tropical island (yes, they do come up for sale), you will need to address the all important issue of financing your purchase.

Few people have the means to buy a business with cash without the need to borrow. This is the same for all buyers - whether they are acquiring a small business in Surrey or a multi-million pound business in London.


A proud partner of Pegasus Finance. As a leading UK finance broker, Pegasus help customers take charge of their finances with their quick and easy five star rated loans.


We aim to fulfil your commercial finance requirements whilst exceeding your expectations and avoiding the hassle and delays traditionally associated with asset finance. Holding close relationships with leading lenders we seamlessly arrange the most competitive loans to meet your requirements and in turn giving you the opportunity to advance your business.

Governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, Pegasus Finance provide a range of flexible finance options to suit any needs including anything from asset or machinery purchase to property development or refinancing.

While some commercial finance companies might be wary of offering finance to certain types of businesses, our team of experts go the extra mile to ensure we’re able to help – regardless of circumstances. Our competitive rates and speed of service have seen us attract repeat business time and again.

Our team of experts are all highly trained and are registered with the FCA. This means Pegasus Finance is fully equipped and authorised to offer expert advice and affordable business loans, whilst negating the hassle associated with traditional asset finance companies.


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